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Through our years of experience we’ve learned that when it comes to nursery management software, one size doesn’t fit all. Our flexible, comprehensive system covers everything you need to run your nursery.

Nursery Groups

With 70% of the top 25 UK nursery chains using Connect’s software, we understand the complex needs of growing nursery chains.

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Independent Nurseries

Busy nurseries need reliable software to take control of their complex admin tasks. Find out why over 3400 UK nurseries chose Connect’s nursery software.

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Childminders & Clubs

Go paperless with our simple, easy-to-use online app. Manage your setting, observe and assess, create events and engage busy parents with the brand-new foundations software.

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The most comprehensive and award-winning nursery software for over 18 years

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0 Worth of childcare fees are invoiced EVERY MONTH using Connect Childcare
0 Daily events for children are added EVERY MONTH using iConnect
0 Parents registered on the award-winning app ParentZone

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Our Software

Save hours, empower your staff, delight your parents and get paid on time.


Get a handle on your invoicing and financial forecasts.

Make your complicated processes quick and easy with Connect Childcare, our flexible, accurate and secure nursery management system.

Invoicing and Grants

Accurately invoice entire sites in just minutes with Grant Funding automatically allocated to eligible children.

Accurate Nursery Insights

Analyse any part of your setting with a comprehensive range of reliable reports

Intelligent Staff Management

Manage complex staffing requirements across multiple settings without the need for spreadsheets

Boost your Occupancy

Track and analyse enquiry conversions to help you boost your occupancy levels.

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Promote professional judgement with online learning journals.

Tech-savvy or not, iConnect makes it effortless to capture key moments using the latest early years frameworks and guidance.  Share progress with staff and parents, reflect on teaching practices, and provide interventions without the need for paper on an easy-to-use childcare app.

Eliminate Paperwork

Reduce admin load and eliminate paperwork with an easy-to-use tablet system.

Aid Child Development

Capture key moments in their learning journey with meaningful snapshots & learning stories.

Easier Parent Partnerships

Increase partnerships with parents to further support child wellbeing & development.

Empower your staff

Loved by managers and practitioners for its flexibility and ease of use.

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Delight your families & transition to real-time communication.

ParentZone is an award-winning app for busy parents. Parents can strengthen their bond with the staff and setting all from their secure app. Parents will never miss a moment of their child’s development again.

The best-rated app

The UK’s most loved parent-communication app with an overall rating of 4.7 from over 20,000 reviews on the stores.

Instant Updates

Ease parents' worries with regular updates on their child’s daily activities and wow moments.

Parental Contributions

Boost child development with parent contributions & at-home learning.

Convenience and safety

Collect contactless payments and sign-ins and give the ability for parents to request extra bookings.

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Enjoy the quickest & most affordable way to receive payments.

Making and taking payments should be easy. So we bring you Connect Cashflow; allowing you to take instant card payments and collect direct debits from parents. Improve your cash flow with easy payments and seamless integration and spend less on payment processing fees.

Safe and secure

A completely contactless and secure payment system allows parents to pay you online through the ParentZone app.

Reduced admin

Payments are automatically reconciled against the bill, reducing your admin time by up to 80% (compared to Direct Debit and cash).

Unrivalled translation fees

Transaction rates from 0.99% + 15p per transaction and 99% uptime with payments processed the same day.

Live insights

Get payment data in real-time, complete control of your commercial activity and gain in-depth customer insights.

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Key Features

Connect Childcare is a suite of three packages that work together from the same database. It’s time to ditch the paperwork and take your nursery online.

Development & Learning Journals

Wow Moments & Daily Events

Enquiries & Occupancy

Child & Family Records

Accident & Medicine Log

Parent Communication App

Invoicing & Finance

Grant Funding Allocation

Fee Collection

Reports & Exports

Child & Staff Registers

Staff Management


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Choosing & Switching Nursery Management Software
With so many software providers out there, from single-feature tools to comprehensive enterprise solutions, it can quickly become overwhelming to choose one.

Technology moves at a faster rate than ever before so that means investing in the ideal system for the long-term; it doesn't always mean buying the cheapest option available.

To help you decide, we have pulled together this eBook.

  • The advantages of Nursery Management Software
  • The 10 questions you need to ask any prospective software supplier
  • What you need to consider before making the decision to switch

The choice is in your hands, make the switch to Connect Childcare today.

Request a demo and find out why 3400+ customers trust Connect Childcare to bring their team, tools, and children together in one place.

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