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24th February 2024

The EYFS 2-Year Progress Check

Welcome to an exploration of the 2-year progress check, a pivotal assessment within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), designed to track and support the development of children aged 2–3 years. This assessment serves as a comprehensive snapshot of a child’s learning and growth journey, highlighting areas of strength and opportunities for further development. In…

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22nd February 2024

Connect Childcare is delighted to announce the launch of our latest guide — Preparing for Ofsted

The often ‘dreaded’ phone call from Ofsted to arrange its next visit can result in an instant cause of panic and stress among nursery providers. And, while it’s the outcome of the ‘inadequate’ to ‘outstanding’ ratings that should be of the utmost importance, it’s no surprise that senior leadership teams experience varying levels of anxiety…

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22nd February 2024

Simplify your Staffing Responsibilities in Your Childcare Setting

At Connect Childcare, we believe in making childcare management simpler and more efficient for childcare providers. We understand the unique challenges you face in maintaining staffing ratios and managing schedules while ensuring compliance and keeping track of staff qualifications. That’s why we’ve developed a solution that streamlines these processes, allowing you to focus on what…

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20th February 2024

Simplify the EYFS: Your Go-To Guide

Guest blog: Jamie Victoria, The Childcare Guru In a rush? Skip to the section you’d like to read… What is the EYFS? Breaking down the EYFS EYFS requirements  What is a breach of the EYFS? The EYFS and Ofsted The EYFS and your curriculum  The EYFS and safeguarding  Top tips I know how long you work…

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19th February 2024

Mental Health in Early Education: Insights and Guidance

In January, the Department for Health and Social Care released new guidance titled “Improving the mental health of babies, children and young people,” highlighting children’s mental health and its profound impact on them across their lifespan. This guidance outlines the critical role played by early childhood experiences in shaping mental health outcomes, emphasising the pivotal…

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15th February 2024

EYFS: Parent Partnerships for Child Development

Research shows that involving parents and carers in their children’s learning is the most important factor in enabling some children to do well regardless of background. For nursery managers, cultivating strong partnerships with parents and carers is not just a best practice – it’s a central element of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Overarching…

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10th February 2024

Strengthening Parent Partnerships with ParentZone

Effective communication and engagement with parents are essential elements of a successful childcare setting. However, many providers struggle to foster meaningful partnerships with parents, leading to missed opportunities for collaboration and involvement in their child’s early education journey. At Connect Childcare, we understand the importance of parent engagement, which is why we’ve developed a solution…

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7th February 2024

Empowering Children: Celebrating Children’s Mental Health Week 2024

Welcome to Children’s Mental Health Week 2024, a time dedicated to amplifying the voices of young people across the UK! From February 5th to 11th, we’re joining hands to raise awareness, provide support, and foster a nurturing environment where every child’s mental health matters. What is Children’s Mental Health Week? Children’s Mental Health Week was…

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