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2nd May 2024

Strategies for Effective Parent Partnerships in Childcare Settings

In early years education, the phrase “parent partnerships” crops up often. But why are these partnerships such a big deal in childcare settings? Well, to begin with, forming strong partnerships with both parents and carers allows educators to provide high-quality early years education and learning opportunities that meet Ofsted requirements. Plus,  research tells us that…

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1st May 2024

Getting Ready for the New Academic Year – Is it Time to Update your Nursery Menus?

8-step plan to update nursery menus
1. Evaluate Current Nursery Menus
2. Review Nutritional Guidelines
3. Consult Nutrition Experts
4. Brainstorm Menu Ideas
5. Plan Weekly Menus
6. Engage Parents and Staff
7. Track Children’s Meal Consumption
8. Continuous Improvement

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28th April 2024

Navigating Nursery Enquiries: 8 Tips for Effective Management

In the competitive landscape of early years education, effectively managing nursery enquiries is crucial for attracting new families and ensuring the success of your childcare setting. Whether it’s a phone call, email enquiry, or in-person visit, every interaction with a potential parent presents an opportunity to showcase your nursery’s unique offerings and values.  As we…

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26th April 2024

The Role of Nursery Management Software in Early Years Education

Today, the embrace of digital platforms has become increasingly common among nurseries and childcare providers. Adopting nursery management software is momentous in this shift, offering a varied approach to streamlining operations, alleviating administrative burdens, and reclaiming valuable time otherwise consumed by paperwork. Yet, beneath the surface, the significance of nursery management software extends far beyond…

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25th April 2024

Understanding the Purpose and Process of an Ofsted Learning Walk

Every Ofsted inspection and every childcare provider is unique, which means your Ofsted learning walk won’t look like the learning walk that the Ofsted inspector carried out with another nursery or childcare provider. Among the various aspects of inspection, the Ofsted learning walk stands out as a significant element. It’s not just a walk around…

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24th April 2024

Are Observations Still Important in Early Years Education

Recent changes to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework have sparked discussions about the role of observations in early years education. The changes outlined in Section 2 of the EYFS framework emphasise the importance of assessment in understanding children’s progress and needs, while also addressing concerns about excessive paperwork and the role of practitioners…

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23rd April 2024

Managing Effective Parental Communication and Involvement for Children with SEND

In the intricate web of a child’s development, parents play an irreplaceable role. They are not only the primary caregivers but also the first educators, shaping the foundation of their child’s journey. However, when children first begin attending an early years setting, this role undergoes a subtle yet notable shift. Suddenly, caregivers and educators extend…

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22nd April 2024

Boost Your Nursery Enquiries: 8 Practical Tips

Boost your enquiries with these straightforward yet impactful suggestions that any nursery can implement to stand out to in search of the perfect nursery.

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