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21st December 2023

Three Key Reasons why you should Choose Connect Childcare

Here at Connect, we understand the importance of nurseries requiring a singular streamlined software system. Setting up new management software takes energy, time, and effort — but once you have all the correct integrated systems in place, you will never look back. The Connect Childcare system is not only flexible; it is also accurate, reliable…

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20th December 2023

News Stories Dominating Headlines in the Early Years Sector 2023

Diving back into the news stories from the early years sector, this time we shift focus to the headlines throughout the year. In this latest news round-up, we discuss…. NDNA Respond to Chancellor’s Spring Budget In the Spring we saw NDNA respond to the Chancellor’s Spring Budget, stating all children over the age of nine…

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12th December 2023

Preparing for an Early Years Ofsted Inspection: After the Inspection

Part 5 of the insider interview with Julia Maynard, Childcare Director of Happy Orkids Ltd Welcome back to the conclusive instalment of our series, ‘Preparing for an Early Years Ofsted Inspection.’ In this final article, Julia Maynard, an esteemed Early Years Consultant and the Childcare Director of Happy Orkids guides us through the crucial steps…

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7th December 2023

The latest from the early years sector: November news round-up

This month’s news round-up focuses on the dominating news stories within the early years sector. On 22 November, chancellor Jeremy Hunt released the Autumn statement intending to bring stability to protect businesses and the growth of the economy but there was no mention of the early years sector, a children’s charity campaign for SEND children…

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5th December 2023

How to Embed a Collaborative Learning Culture within your Setting

In early years settings, fostering a collaborative learning culture is essential for creating a rich and engaging environment for young children. Collaboration not only enhances cognitive development but also promotes social skills, creativity, and a sense of community. A welcoming and inclusive environment lays the foundation for collaboration. As practitioners we need to arrange the…

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20th November 2023

Is tech important in the early years sector?

In 2023, tech is so enmeshed in our everyday lives that it’s hard to imagine life without it. However, there are still some settings that are slow to adopt digital advancements, and therefore run the risk of being left behind. But why is it so vital that the early years sector continues to adapt with…

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16th November 2023

Tackling the cost of childcare for UK nurseries

Since the announcement of the 2023 spring budget, there has been much debate around the most pertinent topic facing the entirety of the early years sector — adequate funding for nurseries. Back in February, The Department for Education announced the biggest investment into the early years sector to date. By September 2025, the government has…

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2nd November 2023

Upcoming webinar: ‘Preparing for an early years Ofsted inspection’

On 7 November 2023, Connect Childcare will host its next webinar covering each of the necessary steps UK nurseries can take to prepare for an upcoming Ofsted inspection. In collaboration with Julia Maynard, childcare director at Happy Orkids, the webinar will uncover how the Ofsted methodology is used during an inspection — including how this…

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