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4th March 2024

Observation, assessment and planning with iConnect

Here at Connect, we understand the need for early years practitioners to be able to communicate effortlessly with parents while also ensuring their setting remains safe and compliant. Built in collaborations with early years experts, our online learning journal tool and powerful app, iConnect, helps to shine a spotlight on child development and improve parent…

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29th February 2024

EYFS Updates: Supporting Language Development in Early Years Education

In a recent webinar with The Childcare Guru, Jamie, an important update regarding the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidance was discussed, which holds significance for all early years group providers. In the early years sector, being aware of EYFS updates and shifts in guidance is imperative for providing optimal support to children and families.…

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28th February 2024

7 Facts Nursery Managers Should Share with Parents about Childcare Funding

As a nursery manager, your primary goal is to provide the best care for the children entrusted to you while also supporting parents in navigating the often complex world of childcare funding. Understanding the ins and outs of childcare fees and government funding programs can be daunting for many parents, which is why it’s crucial…

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26th February 2024

Understanding the ‘Three I’s’ of the Curriculum

The Ofsted Early Years Inspection Handbook highlights the ways in which Ofsted aim to carry out regular inspections, evaluating the overall quality and standard of its early years provision in line with the EYFS framework. Early years leaders build on the framework depending on what they intend children to learn and develop, the handbook further…

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24th February 2024

The EYFS 2-Year Progress Check

Welcome to an exploration of the 2-year progress check, a pivotal assessment within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), designed to track and support the development of children aged 2–3 years. This assessment serves as a comprehensive snapshot of a child’s learning and growth journey, highlighting areas of strength and opportunities for further development. In…

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22nd February 2024

Connect Childcare is delighted to announce the launch of our latest guide — Preparing for Ofsted

The often ‘dreaded’ phone call from Ofsted to arrange its next visit can result in an instant cause of panic and stress among nursery providers. And, while it’s the outcome of the ‘inadequate’ to ‘outstanding’ ratings that should be of the utmost importance, it’s no surprise that senior leadership teams experience varying levels of anxiety…

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22nd February 2024

Simplify your Staffing Responsibilities in Your Childcare Setting

At Connect Childcare, we believe in making childcare management simpler and more efficient for childcare providers. We understand the unique challenges you face in maintaining staffing ratios and managing schedules while ensuring compliance and keeping track of staff qualifications. That’s why we’ve developed a solution that streamlines these processes, allowing you to focus on what…

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20th February 2024

Simplify the EYFS: Your Go-To Guide

Guest blog: Jamie Victoria, The Childcare Guru In a rush? Skip to the section you’d like to read… What is the EYFS? Breaking down the EYFS EYFS requirements  What is a breach of the EYFS? The EYFS and Ofsted The EYFS and your curriculum  The EYFS and safeguarding  Top tips I know how long you work…

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