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5 Free Nursery Manager Resources 2023

2023 is here and we want to start off this month with some essential free resources every nursery manager needs in their arsenal. As the early years sector continues to face challenges such as underfunding, understaffing, and the cost of living crisis – we decided to compile some helpful resources that will encourage you to set new business goals, streamline your processes, and most importantly take care of your own mental health. 

Each of these 5 resources can facilitate the management and growth of your childcare setting, and will guide you with free templates, challenges, and advice from industry experts. 

These are the top 5 essential resources every nursery manager needs in 2023…

1. Kickstart your goals for 2023 – Interactive Workbook

Did you know that you’re way more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down?

This interactive workbook is made for ANY childcare setting. It includes 15 fun challenges and some goal setting templates for you to take advantage of and organise your resolutions. No matter how big or small your goals are, we’ve got templates and tips to help you reach them! 

2. The ABC of Early Years Education – Free Guide

Almost 60 pages of free expert advice and guidance for your teams

The early years are a vital time in children’s lives – it’s the period in which the educational, social, emotional, physical, behavioural, and cognitive building blocks are put in place.

While it has long been no secret that the sector faces many challenges regarding governmental support, funding, workload, recruitment, retention, and recognition, there’s no denying the sheer strength and resilience that exists within it – irrespective of what’s happening at a policy level.

Set out in an alphabet-style format, The ABC of Early Years Education brings together 26 of the sector’s expert voices, sharing insight, top tips, activities, and resources with childcare professionals. With 26 letters to cover, the download features a vast array of early years topics – including big emotions, wellbeing, Ofsted, outdoor play, data security, inclusivity, sustainability, nutrition, and many more.

3. The Ultimate Early Years Calendar – 2023 – Free printable download

Days you wont want to miss in 2023

National days are a great excuse for getting the children involved in crafts, colouring, projects and themed learning activities. In this free printable calendar, you’ll find all of the fun national holidays for you to celebrate in your early years setting.

We have also included some links to our free activity guides that coincide with calendar events throughout the year, ensuring that you can maximise yours and the children’s enjoyment of every occasion!

4. Choosing the Right Parent Communication Tool in 2023 – Free Guide

Find the communication tool that works for you and elevate your parent engagement

With a new year comes the drive to make fresh changes to our personal and business goals. If you are looking for a new parent communication tool in 2023 but aren’t sure where to start with your research; allow us to help. Let us guide you on what to look out for when researching a parent communication tool in 2023.

This eBook covers:

  • The importance of a parent communication tool
  • Three Key Questions to ask your prospective app provider
  • Early Years Communication App Comparison

5. The Ultimate Guide To Nursery Staff Wellbeing 

Your mental health matters

Here at Connect Childcare we truly believe in the power of happiness so we’ve created this guide to encourage our peers across the childcare sector to practice some self-love!

This interactive workbook is made for ANY early years educator. It includes 15 fun mental health and wellbeing activities for you to try. These activities will work to help you change your habits for the better and promote good mental health. 

Access the 2023 Essential Nursery Manager Resource Bundle

Click the link below to access all of these essential free resources and kick off 2023 the right way.
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