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5 Ways Children Can Support Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day is one of the biggest events of the year, and this year it falls on the 18th March. Red Nose Day involves lots of fundraising efforts, and for children it is a valuable time to learn about different cultures as well as the hardships occurring in other parts of the world. 

As we countdown to this day, we are here to share with you some of the best ways to get children involved in Red Nose Day to support those across the world, including those in Ukraine in 2022. 

Here are the 5 different ways children can support Red Nose Day in 2022. 

Bake cakes

One of the most popular and the most fun ways to raise money for Red Nose Day is with a bake sale, and you can get children in the kitchen to bake special treats. From chocolate chip cookies to red velvet cupcakes; there are plenty of easy recipes that are accessible to children that you can sell from your setting or home in preparation for Red Nose Day. 

Buy Red Noses

Purchasing red noses is one of the easiest ways to support comic Relief this year. In 2022, there are 8 amazing plastic-free red nose designs that are shaped as animals from our natural world. Following on with the theme of nature and sustainability, there are also some beautiful t-shirt designs created by amazing artists. 

Walk, Run and Jog

If you would like to encourage your child or children to exercise more in March – Comic Relief are also hosting 50 Miles in March, where they are encouraging people to get out and walk more, as well as raise money for the cause. Our very own social media executive Imogen Clegg is participating this year, and you can donate to her fund here.


Donating is a wonderful way to raise money for Comic Relief and fund much needed resources for those who need it across the world. Helping people in third world countries to get the food, water, and supplies they need to survive is so important, and it will teach children the value of empathy and compassion. 


Comic Relief isn’t called ‘comic’ for nothing! One of the best activities you can host this year at your nursery setting or home is a stand up comedy afternoon! Encourage children to come up with jokes for the performance and set up a stage area for them. The child with the best joke of all gets a prize! 

Try out some of these activities this week to help children learn about and support Red Nose Day.

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