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A is for Action – The ABC of Early Years Education

Actions are natural in children, they come right after thinking and feeling. They learn and develop through their actions, and physical movements allow babies and young children to find out about their world around them – supporting growth and accomplishment.

We add to the learning environment based on children’s actions and interests so that they build up attention, focus, and play ‘in flow’.

As adults, our actions continue to help us learn and develop. They are what we do and how we do it, they reflect our commitment, drive, and motivation to solve problems and address issues as they arise, as well as our ability to move forward with our mission.

Every day we wake up and do something – and something happens as a result. Normal everyday actions get us through the day, but are they enough to move us forward with purpose and to achieve?

To truly propel ourselves forward, we need to take visible and meaningful action. 

“Action takes you from where you are now to where you want to be.”

This is what inspires and motivates both ourselves and others, demonstrates our values and ambition, and turns a vision into reality.

Like children, we too follow our interests, and we are much more likely to take ‘massive’ action and give something our full attention and boundless energy, as a result. 

Actions can take place over time and can be broken down into milestones. They can be part of everyday routines, but for them to be big actions they must advance you and your setting.

So, take a deep breath, be confident, and don’t overthink. It’s good to plan but each day presents us with opportunities to grow and learn from our actions – overcoming everyday challenges is where we learn, thrive, and propel ourselves forward.

Taking action helps us to realise what we’re capable of, reminds us of the power of doing more, and allows us to reach our full potential.

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Alison Featherbe is an Early Years Consultant and Trainer