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Prioritising requests

A new and improved way to prioritise requests from our Nurseries…

As part of our ongoing expansion and development, Connect Childcare have recently employed a fantastic Product and User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) team who have been reviewing the software and the way requests for changes to our products are managed.

As Connect Childcare has increased in popularity, so have the number of requests that we receive from customers, for changes to our software products to enhance their user experience.

With all the fantastic suggestions we receive to make improvements to our software, we have now decided to introduce a prioritisation process so that all of our requests can be reviewed and scored fairly before they are put into production. We want to add features which improve the product for everyone and support industry best practice. This will allow us to consider our entire customer base when reviewing all the great ideas we receive.

Furthermore, customers will no longer be charged for feature requests!

Instead, we intend to work together with our customers to improve consistency in our design and approach, so that our systems can progress in the right direction.

How will requests be managed in the new process?

All new and existing requests will be reviewed as part of the new process to ensure that we fully understand why the change has been requested and to see if other customers have requested a similar change previously. The team then needs to decide what the impact of the requested change would be for all of our nurseries and agree on a design and technical approach.

The new process is outlined below:

  • Requests are added to the priority list and scored.
  • The Top 10 requests are prepared for development.
  • The product team will internally review the request, validate requirements, agree on a design solution and determine the technical approach. (The team may request further information from customers where necessary to further validate their request for change).
  • Once the design and technical approaches are agreed, the work will be planned.
  • When the work is completed it will be scheduled into a release.

The design and technical approach will involve customer engagement to ensure that the changes improve the user experience of our systems.

How can a new request be submitted?

Customers can use the community area of the Help Desk to request a change.

How will I know what is happening with my request?

As part of the ongoing review process, all of the existing requests on the Community in the Help Desk will be updated with accurate information regarding the status of each request.

Further information will be provided at the following stages:

– If a request has been accepted and added to the priority list.
– If a request has NOT been accepted and we will detail the reasons why.
– When an item reaches the Top 10 of the priority list.
– If an unexpected event occurs and the item cannot be progressed.
– When the work has been completed and planned into a release.
– When an item has been released.

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