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A tool to reduce stress

Learning Journeys, Observations and Assessments seem to take the most time for Early Years Practitioners. On average, a Practitioner at a setting without nursery software will spend 11 hours per week creating paper copies of these documents.

With Connect Childcare’s software in place, the same Practitioner will spend just 1.5 hours a week on average. Saving a huge amount of time and allowing for a better work-life balance and reduced stress levels.

John Pickup

That’s why I’m holding a short webinar to show you how Connect Childcare's products can improve staff wellbeing at your setting.

The webinar will give you more insight into the iConnect Software and Connect Childcare as a company. 

  • Self Growth for Practitioners
  • Accountability and Responsibility of Own Work
  • Manager Feedback 
  • All-Inclusive Accessibility Features
  • Using iConnect Outdoors
  • Supporting your Staffs Workload
  • Reports to Support Staff Development and Save Time
  • Effectively Communicating with Parents

Register on the date below and let me show you some of the main time saving features of the iConnect system.

iConnect Webinar 2

Monday Jan 27th 2020 

10:00 AM

Fisherfield Farm Nursery Group Childcare

“Staff are much happier using iConnect and it has positively transformed the way we record children’s learning journeys. It has so many uses, from monitoring late payments to finding out which staff are working which shifts, that I really don’t know how we managed without it.”

Nadia Salim Fisherfield Childcare

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