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Building a picture – 2 weeks into reopening

In our last webinar a few weeks ago, we discussed the practicalities of reopening childcare and gained insights from some of the leading nurseries on how they were going to approach it.

Now we’re over 2 weeks into the process of reopening, we wanted to understand and share how nurseries across the country are getting on.

We conducted a survey which has had 620 responses from different childcare providers across the country, The respondents are predominantly made up of nurseries (47%) and childminders (30%).

The results are in...

The latest results show:


  • 78.8% of childcare providers surveyed are open.
  • 76% of those surveyed are currently below 50% occupancy

Of those currently closed, we asked: ‘Do you know when you are planning to open?’

  • 31% said Sept-October (the highest)
  • 26% said July-August
  • 16% later this month
  • A further 25% are “not sure”.

We also asked: ‘When do you expect to be running at 90-100% capacity?’

  • 40% said Sept-October (the highest)
  • 14% said 2021
  • 5% said July-August
  • 4% said November-December 
  • 1% said later this month (June)
    A further 34% are “not sure”.


  • 84% said that they believe the new safety measures are keeping children safe.
  • 75% said that they believe the new safety measures are keeping staff safe.

Join the Connecting Childcare Webinar - 'A fresh new chapter for Early Years'

To ensure we are supporting you through the reopening process, we are hosting another webinar on Thursday 18th June at 12 pm to share insights into the sectors current situation.

See how other providers have handled the return to childcare and how they have adapted to the new ways of working.

We will be joined by a fantastic panel:

  • June O’Sullivan – CEO, London Early Years Foundation – a social enterprise which currently runs 38 nurseries across eleven London boroughs.
  • Sarah Steel – Founder and Director, The Old Station Nursery – Currently operating 18 nursery settings across the UK
  • Juliette Davies – Founder and Director, EY Matters – Uniting over 9000 various individuals, organisations and ‘areas’ within the sector for the purpose of raising the status of the profession.

Hope to see you there! But if you can’t make the time, please still register and you will be sent a recording once it’s finished.

Hope to see you there – Thursday 18th June @ 12pm

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