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22nd February 2024

Simplify your Staffing Responsibilities in Your Childcare Setting

At Connect Childcare, we believe in making childcare management simpler and more efficient for childcare providers. We understand the unique challenges you face in maintaining staffing ratios and managing schedules while ensuring compliance and keeping track of staff qualifications. That’s why we’ve developed a solution that streamlines these processes, allowing you to focus on what…

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10th February 2024

Strengthening Parent Partnerships with ParentZone

Effective communication and engagement with parents are essential elements of a successful childcare setting. However, many providers struggle to foster meaningful partnerships with parents, leading to missed opportunities for collaboration and involvement in their child’s early education journey. At Connect Childcare, we understand the importance of parent engagement, which is why we’ve developed a solution…

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6th February 2024

Streamline Childcare Funding Allocation with Connect Childcare

With the early years sector ever-changing efficiently allocating the new funding appears to have become a significant challenge for childcare providers. Securing and allocating resources can be complex and time-consuming, taking focus away from the crucial tasks of managing your childcare setting and nurturing the children in your care.  This blog explores how Connect Childcare’s…

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5th February 2024

Maximise Occupancy in Your Childcare Setting 

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a parent enthusiastically enquires about available spaces at your setting, but you’re left grappling with uncertainty? The frustration of not having a clear view of your nursery’s occupancy can be a significant stumbling block for managers, as we know every space matters, and missing out on…

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23rd January 2024

Capturing Child Development: iConnect Learning Journals

How iConnect learning journeys help capture the wonder of the early years Staying connected with parents and providing a comprehensive view of each child’s learning journey can be challenging. At Connect Childcare, we understand the importance of capturing the wonder of the early years and building a holistic picture of children’s development. That’s why we…

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21st December 2023

Three Key Reasons why you should Choose Connect Childcare

Here at Connect, we understand the importance of nurseries requiring a singular streamlined software system. Setting up new management software takes energy, time, and effort — but once you have all the correct integrated systems in place, you will never look back. The Connect Childcare system is not only flexible; it is also accurate, reliable…

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2nd August 2023

Five ways to save time in your early years setting with Connect Childcare

It is likely that when you decided to pursue a career in early years education, you had a passion for child development and the rewarding feeling you get when helping a child to learn and grow. However, the large amount of paperwork can be overwhelming, taking up a huge amount of time and overshadowing the…

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27th June 2023

Share the Big Picture with Parents using Connect Childcare

As a nursery manager or owner it is so important to be able to share ‘wow’ moments and achievements with parents, strengthening parent partnerships and keeping them in the loop with their child’s development.

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