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30th May 2023

Effective Ways To Improve Employee Engagement in the Early Years

Today we are going to discover some of the key effective ways to improve employee engagement at your nursery, and ensure that your team feels valued and happy within their role.

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24th May 2023

Worried About the Data Security in your Nursery?

We know that as a nursery manager it is crucial to learn how to hold and process information about staff, parents, and children safely and avoid accidental data loss or criminal activity. We will be discussing the importance of data security today on the blog…

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9th May 2023

How Connect Childcare Can Simplify Your Billing Processes

In this article we share how Connect Childcare can simplify your billing processes and reduce your admin time by up to 80% by using bulk grant funding allocation.

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3rd May 2023

Three Good Habits to Learn From Cyber-Security-Savvy Childcare Businesses

It’s not a coincidence that nurseries fully across their cyber security responsibilities do well, more generally, as thriving businesses. So what can we learn?

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25th April 2023

Five Good Reasons Why Nurseries Should Confine Paper Records to a Filing Cabinet labelled ‘The Past’

Online record keeping and document systems are better than paper files for nurseries because they are more secure and efficient.

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28th March 2023

Data Security and Nursery Management Software – What Nursery Managers Need to Know

While data security’s importance is widely recognised, it’s a (let’s face it, quite dry) topic that’s rarely talked about openly. We’re here to change that.

We want to start vital conversation about this topic, that’s accessible, honest and engaging! (Yes, really!)

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15th February 2023

What Communication Tools do Parents Prefer in 2023?

Today we are going through some of the different parent communication tools you can utilise in your setting. Find the communication tool that works for you and elevate your parental engagement.

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9th February 2023

Five Ways Nursery Management Software Can Help Nursery Managers in 2023

Today our CEO Chris catches up with NMT Magazine to discuss five important ways nursery management software can help nursery managers in 2023

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