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27th June 2023

Share the Big Picture with Parents using Connect Childcare

As a nursery manager or owner it is so important to be able to share ‘wow’ moments and achievements with parents, strengthening parent partnerships and keeping them in the loop with their child’s development.

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15th February 2023

What Communication Tools do Parents Prefer in 2023?

Today we are going through some of the different parent communication tools you can utilise in your setting. Find the communication tool that works for you and elevate your parental engagement.

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18th January 2023

5 Simple Ways to Strengthen Parent Relationships in 2023

As an early years practitioner, perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of managing a setting is getting parents to actively engage in their child’s education. Today we are going to discuss 5 simple ways to strengthen parent relationships in 2023.

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17th January 2023

The Top 3 Most Underused Features of ParentZone

ParentZone is a smartphone app for parents. Parents can access information about their child’s day at a time that suits them best. ParentZone increases partnership with parents by allowing two way communication between parents and your nursery.

The award-winning app has many exciting features for both parents and practitioners to use, but which features are often overlooked?

Today we are going to highlight the top 3 most underused features of ParentZone you should know about.

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6th January 2023

5 Free Nursery Manager Resources 2023

Each of these 5 resources can facilitate the management and growth of your childcare setting, and will guide you with free templates, challenges, and advice from industry experts. 

These are the top 5 essential resources every nursery manager needs in 2023…

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25th August 2022

5 Tips on Supporting Parents and Carers with New Transitions in September

Starting nursery is an exciting chapter in a child’s life but it is important to remember that some parents may feel anxious and overwhelmed by this. This transition can sometimes be as difficult for parents as it is for the children. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 ways in which you can help…

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15th July 2022

Managing stress in children, staff and parents in your setting? Learn the science-backed approaches that work with myHappymind

In June, we teamed up with Laura Earnshaw founder of myHappymind to bring our Connect community a webinar about the science-backed secrets to building resilience, self-confidence and happiness in children. The webinar focused on managing stress in children, staff and parents in your setting and discussed what’s really going on when your staff are stressed…

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13th June 2022

5 Easy Father’s Day Card Designs For Early Years

Spending some time creating beautiful handmade cards for fathers and other paternal figures is a valuable activity that can bring you closer to the children’s families. Today we have a few colourful and fun ideas that will allow children to show their creativity.

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