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25th October 2022

The Power Of Play – Ben Kingston-Hughes

Ben Kingston-Hughes is the founder of Inspired Child and a play specialist, and has worked with children for over 30 years. He discusses the Power of Play in the early years and how it impacts child development.

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25th August 2022

Nature-Based Play in the Early Years

Nature-based play has always been a significant component in children’s early learning opportunities and experiences and something all settings should value highly. Today Chloe Webster joins us to discuss this and how we can encourage outdoor play in nurseries.

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24th August 2022

The Importance of Risky Play

For young children to learn to understand the concept of risk and danger, they must first be exposed to ‘risky’ experiences and opportunities to explore these concepts safely to learn essential skills that will allow them to risk assess, identify risks and challenges in their play and learning.

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23rd August 2022

Providing Enabling and Inclusive Environments

Let’s make the possible, possible. We talk about the term enabling a lot when it comes to environments for children within an early years setting, how to create an enabling environment, how to plan for an enabling environment, and factors contributing to an enabling environment.  But do we know what this really is?   What does…

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10th August 2022

Data Safety in the Early Years: 10-Step Security Baseline Checklist

Our security team recently spoke to NMT, sharing a simple checklist that childcare providers and their IT teams can implement or audit against, which can help keep cyber security incidents or data breaches to a minimum.

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21st July 2022

Five minutes with… Mikesh and Megan on driving improvements in nursery management software

We’ve tasked our Senior Product Manager Mikesh and our QA Manager Megan, to tell us about driving improvements in nursery management software. Here’s what they had to say…

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15th July 2022

Managing stress in children, staff and parents in your setting? Learn the science-backed approaches that work with myHappymind

In June, we teamed up with Laura Earnshaw founder of myHappymind to bring our Connect community a webinar about the science-backed secrets to building resilience, self-confidence and happiness in children. The webinar focused on managing stress in children, staff and parents in your setting and discussed what’s really going on when your staff are stressed…

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15th July 2022

June O’Sullivan: Embracing Inclusion and Diversity so it becomes the way we do things around here. 

Inclusion begins from the premise that if you build an inclusive approach you will encourage diversity. That means making inclusion “the way we do things around here”, not tokenistic efforts to align with an event, festival or celebration but having the values of inclusivity embedded at every level of the organisation. In other words, basing…

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