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20th May 2022

Teaching Children About the Importance of Bees

Bees are a huge part of our ecosystem, and their value to our crops and flowers cannot be overstated. As we look towards World Bee Day on the 20th May 2022, we are going to talk about bees and how you can teach early years children about these helpful little creatures. 

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19th May 2022

How to expand your digital capabilities without breaking the bank

Technology – specifically nursery management software – can often play a significant part in helping settings to achieve their expansion goals, not to mention being a key productivity driver.
But just how can you bolster your nursery’s digital capabilities without spending a fortune – and reaping the return on investment you signed up for?
Our senior customer success manager, Nikki Walsh, recently shared her thoughts with NMT. If you missed the original article, catch up below…

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21st April 2022

Teaching Early Years Children About Earth Day

mportant event for everyone to learn about, especially children. As we look to educate children about the world it is crucial to teach them about the Earth and the ways in which we can keep it safe and healthy. 

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13th April 2022

Just launched: The Early Years Staffing Hub

As we work towards not the ‘new’ but ‘next’ normal, one key topic within the industry is the impact of recruitment and retention challenges on the early years sector in England.  Whilst urgent action is needed from the government to affect positive change in the early years sector, we wanted to provide practitioners and managers alike with some inspiration…

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31st March 2022

A simple story to share this Easter

however, it is also the holiest day in the Christian calendar. The challenge of teaching early years children about Easter in an easy to digest way is one many practitioners face; which is why we want to step in with some helpful ideas this year. 

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29th March 2022

5 minutes with… Sonia Hardy on attracting, retaining, and managing staff

This time we’ve tasked our Chief People Officer, Sonia Hardy, to tell us about attracting, retaining, and managing staff in the childcare sector. Here’s what she had to say…

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9th March 2022

Sustainability Activity of the Week: Surface Rubbing

This week we are bringing you a Surface Rubbing activity that will not only be a great way to teach children motor skills, but it will also help children to identify the difference between textures and materials they find around the house or garden. 

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8th March 2022

When and how to transition a toddler from a cot to a bed

Our software training and development coordinator, Charlotte Woods, and early years sleep consultant, Jo Taylor, recently discussed what they believe is the key to a smooth sleep-fuelled transition…

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