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Change Management.

Change Management is the term for preparing for and supporting individuals and teams in making an organisational change.

Even small changes can be really daunting so changing to a new nursery management system and changing lots of your business processes can be tricky to manage.

Do you know how to select the right software for your nursery?

Once selected, do you understand how your nursery management software will be implemented into your business?

At Connect we are experienced in helping customers to implement our Nursery Management Software and over the years we’ve developed
strong methods for helping customers deliver a quality outcome with useful tools and strategies to use along the way. However, Change
Management is all about the people – your people – so we’ve provided a short guide to help you understand what’s involved and how you can
help yourself get the best return on investment from your project by following our 10 key steps.

Keen to find out more?

Download our Change Management Guide here 

Our Guide to Successful Change Management


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