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Choosing the right parent communication tool in 2022

In an ideal world, every parent and practitioner would have time to have a chat about their children each day at pick up time, but as you may already know, this is not always possible.

Hundreds of parent communication apps have emerged as the remediable factor to this problem, helping educators to communicate with parents effectively and seamlessly. But with so many apps out there, from single-feature tools to comprehensive enterprise solutions, it can quickly become overwhelming to choose one.

Let us guide you on what to look out for when purchasing a parent communication tool in 2022. Find the communication tool that works for you and elevate your parental engagement.

This eBook covers:

  • The importance of a parent communication tool
  • Three Key Questions to ask your prospective app provider
  • Early Years Communication App Comparison

Adopting a parent-friendly app that creates engagement and transparency is now a must for all educators. And with technology moving at a faster rate than ever before, it means investing in the ideal system for the long-term; it doesn’t always mean buying the cheapest option available.

Parents that are kept in the loop feel more empowered, better in control of their children’s learning and attainment, are more likely to be engaged and have a better attitude towards the nursery and the teaching staff too.

For practitioners, having up-to-date knowledge of a child’s home situation and learning, on a week-by-week and sometimes day-to-day basis allows for a better understanding of their needs and requirements so they can better meet them.

Getting a new parent communication app is an exciting prospect for anyone, but before you jump in and purchase the first communication tool you come across. Access your free guide to discover the key questions you should be asking your prospective provider, plus a full comparison of the most popular apps in the sector.

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