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Connect Childcare – an alternative to eyLog

Connect Vs EY Log
EY Log Software Screenshot (left) is direct from EY Log on Google Play - September 2020

What’s the difference between EY Log & Connect Childcare?

eyLog started life as a learning journey software system and later evolved to add eyMan. The two platforms work together to create a digital solution for childcare providers. But how do they compare to Connect Childcare?

Feature comparison

eyLog claim to offer ‘the most comprehensive solution for childcare providers’ So let’s see how their features compare…

eyLog have an impressive range of features. They seem to cover important aspects of nursery management across the board with only a few of Connect Childcare’s features not accounted for.

Increasing convenience for parents

In today’s digital age, parents are used to having the world at their fingertips. Thanks to advances in Nursery Management Software they can keep up to date with their child’s activities and achievements at nursery, through their phones. Both eyLog and Connect Childcare offer parent apps on iOS and Android. 

eyLog for Parents is available on iOS and Android and helps busy parents to see what their children have been up to at nursery as well as contributing their own photos from home and viewing their invoices and balance. 

ParentZone, from Connect Childcare offers a similar experience with some additional benefits. ParentZone users can also request new regular or ad hoc bookings from the app, helping to increase occupancy at your setting. ParentZone’s exclusive ParentHub gives parents a wealth of activity ideas linked to the EYFS as well as helpful resources like recipes, nutrition advice and sleep safety information to further support their child’s development. 

eyLog gives the same access to all parent accounts. So it is not possible to give different levels of access to different users. ParentZone allows greater flexibility which may be useful in certain safeguarding situations. 

eyLog for a useful app to update parents

Connect for more convenience improved parents partnerships 

Intelligent Staff Management

For busy nurseries, staffing requirements can cause a real headache. Software can help you to understand your staffing needs based on bookings and ratios, taking some of the stress out of staff management.

eyLog’s software will work out your required staff:child ratio and gives staff the option to request holidays. The staff training record allows you to identify any gaps in staff qualifications allowing you to plan their development needs. 

Connect’s latest module; StaffPlan, is a little more in-depth. Taking account of real time data and automatically calculating mixed ratios, it allows you to allocate the right staff to the right places. Their weighted criteria allows you to see which staff members are available to work and how suitable they are based on your preferred criteria. With the ability to deploy staff across multiple rooms and even multiple sites it helps growing nurseries to reduce their reliance on agency staff.

The Importance of Good Development

It may not always be at the forefront of your mind, but understanding software companies development plans is an important step to make sure they’ll be a good fit both now and in the future.

eyLog have a small team and although they regularly update their apps and software, many users report that the system is slow and has bugs and glitches that interfere with use. 

Connect Childcare have a large development team and a clear roadmap of future development features. They also have dedicated teams for Infrastructure and Security to ensure their systems are safe and stable.

eyLog for workable nursery software.

Connect for stable apps reliable apps for your whole setting

eyLog provide a fairly comprehensive system, with features covering a lot of different areas of nursery management.

Connect offer additional functionality with less restrictions. They believe one size doesn’t fit all and have a wide range of flexible features on a more stable system that can fit in with the way you work. Not the other way around.

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Connect Childcare have been developing purpose built nursery management software for the past 15 years. Their missions is: To develop management software that improves the lives of children, globally.