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Connect Childcare – an alternative to Famly

Connect Childcare Vs Famly
Famly Software Screenshot (left) is direct from Famly Website - September 2020

Struggling to decide between Famly & Connect Childcare?

Both are popular Nursery Management systems which are proven to streamline your admin, improve communication with parents and generally make life easier for Nursery Managers. With a similar price and many of the same features it can be hard to make the final decision, but there are some key differences that could help you make up your mind. 

Let’s take a look at the side by side comparison…

Connect or Famly

Choose Connect Childcare for secure UK based ISO compliant software

Take a closer look at the feature comparison

At face value, the two systems offer similar functionality, but a deeper look shows many differences. Take a look at the feature comparison table to see how the systems stack up.

Famly Vs Connect childcare

Famly’s system focuses on ‘all in one simplicity’ and does that very well. It’s a simple system that is easy to navigate and get used too for daily use.

Connect focuses more on the way you operate your business. Allowing you access to all of the data you input and offering a comprehensive and flexible solution which understands that all settings operate uniquely with different challenges. It’s a powerful system that allows you to dive deep into your nursery management.

Reporting and the use of data in your nursery

What’s the good of entering data if you can’t easily access it later down the line?

We believe that all of the data you input into a system should be available for you to access in different formats. All of our customers have access to all of the reports, at no extra cost. Our reporting system and dashboard widgets are the most comprehensive on the market. With over 140 reports in total you’ll never use them all, but we know that whichever reports you need – we’ve got them! 

Famly offer fewer reports than Connect Childcare, but if you are on their premium plan you can access a group dashboard tool which give provides insights into different aspects of your nursery. 

Connect Childcare have a huge reporting function allowing you to drill down to find the specific information that is important to you and the way you run your nursery, and over time, this makes a very big difference to the efficiency of your setting and your childcare. 

We took a look to see if our most Five popular reports were available in Famly.

Only one was fully available and three don’t exist at all in the Famly platform

Connect for extensive powerful reporting

Famly for simple but limited reporting.

Intelligent Staff Management

Famly released a staffing tool in Aug 2020. Helping settings to schedule rotas it’s a useful feature for anyone managing staff.

Both Famly Staffing and Connect Childcare StaffPlan are used to calculate mixed ratios allowing you to allocate the right staff to the right places.

With Connect Childcare StaffPlan, the weighted criteria allows you to see which staff members are available to work and how suitable they are based on your preferred criteria. With the ability to deploy staff across multiple rooms and even multiple sites it helps growing nurseries to reduce their reliance on agency staff.

Future Development

It may not always be at the forefront of your mind, but understanding software companies development plans is an important step to make sure they’ll be a good fit both now and in the future.

Both Connect Childcare and Famly continually develop their software based on requests from existing customers. 

Connect had been providing software to nurseries and childcare providers for 9 years before Famly was founded and Connect’s large customer base has helped to shape their products over the years – so there is a huge range of features available that Famly don’t’ have.

Connect for extensive flexible trusted nursery software

Famly for simple all-in-one nursery software.

Protecting your Data

Now for the really geeky part! Unless you work in IT and Technology, you probably won’t think about data security very often. But for Connect Childcare, it’s one of their main priorities. 

They have a dedicated Security and Infrastructure team, making sure your software and all of your sensitive data stays private and protected. Accredited with Cyber Essentials and ISO 9001 they have ensured they meet the highest standards of quality management and security.

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats.

ISO 9001 is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. 

Famly are not accredited with Cyber Essentials or ISO 9001.

Safeguarding your children and staff

There are a huge range of scenarios to consider in a nursery setting and it’s important to make sure the software that you use fits in with your best practices.

Famly have a useful group post feature where parents can view and comment on group observations. Parents can also use Famly as a communication tool to contact each other through the app. Connect Childcare’s group posts are shown separately to each parent so they can only see their own comments and don’t have access to the names of other children or parents. 

Connect Childcare give you the ability to restrict access to the software outside of a staff members working hours, which can only be overridden by a designated safeguarding officer. 

Time saving Integrations

If you use any other software to run your setting, you should consider a Nursery Management Software that integrates. After all, you won’t want to be entering information twice and need all systems to reflect the same accurate data.

Through FamlyPay, you’re offered an integration with a direct debit provider and a card payment solution. You can also integrate your own website by adding Famly’s enquiry form onto your web pages. 

ConnectChildcare also offer direct debit and card payment integrations as well as a website enquiry form. They also offer imports and exports with Xero, Sage and Quickbooks so that your financial information is always accurate and consistent.

Famly is a great solution if simplicity is what you’re after. However, running a nursery is rarely a simple task and every setting does it slightly differently.
Connect Childcare may look a little traditional, but with a similar interface to Sage & Microsoft programs, it has a level of familiarity that your office team will quickly get to grips with. It covers every area of nursery management in detail and provides a comprehensive tool that doesn't only free up your time, but also allows you to put your data to good use.
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