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Connect’s Top 5 Valentine’s Activities

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, we wanted to share our favourite five Valentine’s crafty activities with you all.

1. Fingerprint Heart Canvas

Looking for a Valentines craft that families will treasure for years to come? Look no further! Don’t worry if you don’t have enough canvases, white paper will work just as well. Jen Walshaw will talk you through how to make these masterpieces here.

2. Cardboard Roll Heart Stamp

After a quick and easy craft? This is the one for you!
All you need is a few cardboard rolls (toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes are perfect) and some red paint! Simply make two folds in the tube and voila, you have a heart stamp! If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out Housing A Forest.

3. No Sew Bunting

There’s a good reason that we have been using potato stamps for years… they’re pretty foolproof! By dipping the trusty potato stamp into some red paint and stamping pieces of hessian, you can create some simple but beautiful bunting. Just what you need to decorate your childcare setting or children’s homes. You can find the full how-to guide here.

4. Pom Pom Heart Frames

These frames are perfect for surrounding a nice winter photo or just hung around the room. They add some much needed colour during these short winter days. Head to Red Ted Art to find out how to make them.

5. Heart Suncatchers

We love these suncatchers from Asio Citro, made from white coffee filters and watercolour paints. Perfect for brightening up the view out the window on a cloudy day! You can find full instructions here.

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