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An update from Stephen Brady – Head of Customer Support

If you have just reopened, I hope that your first week back was full of beaming smiles from your staff and children. We’ve been loving the positivity being spread across social media…
As we welcome a little more normality back into our lives, I wanted to update you on what my team has been up to during the period of lockdown.
We made a promise to you when you joined us that we’d support you to get the most from our software. And this doesn’t stop, not even in a global pandemic…

Customer Satisfaction

We’re happy to say that even with a reduced staff team, working from home, we’ve been able to maintain our same high standard of customer service and have received a customer satisfaction rating of 97% during this time.

We are aware that it may have taken a little longer to get through on our phone lines, so thank you so much for your patience.

Slicker Remote Support

As you may know, part of our support service involves us providing on-demand, 1-1 remote sessions. To make this process even slicker, we are planning to implement a new piece of remote support software called Zoho. This will eventually be the replacement for Fast Support.

Reducing your contact with parents

We have been looking at ways to improve our system so that our customers can limit physical contact with parents during this time. We are currently building a feature into the latest ParentZone app which will allow your parents to sign children into the nursery via the app. 

Updating payment facilities

We’ve been working closely with our Direct Debit Solutions provider, Bottomline Technologies, to update the payments integration. We recently discovered that our customers invoice an average of £55m via the Connect Childcare system every month and 44% of this is still paid by cash and cheque. Did you know that our Connect Cashflow integrations will allow you to reduce contact with parents by collecting and reconciling direct debit or in-app payments?

Helping you to manage your workforce

We’ve recently added a brand new module added to Connect Childcare. The new StaffPlan tool is the only tool on the market which allows you to manage complex staffing requirements from a single, centralised record in real-time – without the need for multiple spreadsheets. It’s free of charge until October 31st.

That’s all from me today. Hope to speak soon.
Stephen Brady
Head of Customer Support
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