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Do you really need a parental communication tool?

Parent portals and apps are becoming increasingly commonplace for Nurseries and Childcare Providers.

They can help you to improve communication with parents, giving them an important insight into their child’s activities and achievements, as well as improving partnerships with parents by letting them actively contribute to their child’s learning journey.

Some nurseries have seen the impact of tools like these in helping to increase enquiries too…

Cheeky Monkees

A lot of parents feel guilty leaving their little ones each day, but ParentZone has made it so much easier for them. They can log in and see that their child is happy and cared for, which gives them peace of mind.

It’s a real USP for us. It helps us to attract even more parents into our setting and gives them an idea of the brilliant service they get from us.” 

Angela Meehegan

Cheeky Monkees Nurseries

If your setting hasn't got a parental communication tool in place we can provide you with a quick, personalised survey for your parents to help you to evaluate the benefit to your business.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the questions…

Parent Survey 4
Parent survey 3

Your survey can be personalised with your logo. 

You’ll be provided with a link to your personalised survey for you to share with your parents and you’ll have a live report of the results for your Management team to review.

The survey itself is just 8 questions – so won’t take long for your parents to complete. It’ll give you a valuable insight into how your parents feel about the way you currently work and what, if anything, you can do to improve it. 

The survey is completely anonymous so your parents feel free to answer honestly whilst protecting their personal data. 

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