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Easing the burden of nursery paperwork

Most people enter the childcare industry with a passion for child development. They dream of helping our little ones to reach their full potential by gently encouraging and enabling them to explore the world around them. But they soon realise that along with child development comes a LOT of mandatory paperwork.

The burden of paperwork can be overwhelming and can cause high levels of stress among childcare workers.

So what can we do to ease this burden?

We can’t remove the burden of admin work completely, but we can take advantage of modern technology to make it quicker and easier.

Connect Childcare’s established software package has features for Owners, Managers, Administrators, Practitioners and Parents, all in one system to help alleviate some of the administration pressures on nurseries.

Practitioners can log observations at the touch of a button, without taking any time away from the children. Managers can run cohort trackers and other reports without ever leafing through a folder and Administrators can keep track of bookings, bills and payments with ease.

Every feature in Connect Childcare’s extensive software package has been developed to help you save time and operate more efficiently.

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About the Author

Connect Childcare have been developing purpose built nursery management software for the past 15 years. Their missions is: To develop management software that improves the lives of children, globally.