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EYFS Updates: Simplifying Assessments with Connect Childcare

Did you miss out on our insightful EYFS Updates 2024 webinar with The Childcare Guru? No worries! You can catch up on all the latest changes to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, including the clarification surrounding ‘physical evidence’ in assessments, right here.

In this blog post, we’re diving into the recent amendments to the EYFS framework, specifically focusing on the role of physical evidence in assessments for early years group provisions.

Understanding professional judgment

“Assessment should not involve long breaks from interaction with children or require excessive paperwork. When assessing whether an individual child is at the expected level of development, practitioners should draw on their knowledge of the child and their expert professional judgment. Practitioners are not required to prove this through collection of any physical evidence.”

The change made to P.20 Paragraph 22 discusses an early years practitioner’s professional judgement, but what does that mean? Well, in the context of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), professional judgment refers to the expertise and insight that early years practitioners bring to their assessments of children’s development. It involves using their knowledge, experience, and understanding of each child to make informed decisions about their progress and needs. 

The role of iConnect

While physical evidence is not mandatory, tools like iConnect play a crucial role in supporting practitioners’ professional judgment. iConnect facilitates seamless record-keeping of observations and assessments, ensuring that valuable insights are captured without interrupting interactions with children. Additionally, it fosters stronger partnerships between parents and settings through daily updates, direct messaging, and involvement in learning journeys.

Although practitioners are not required to prove assessments through a collection of any physical evidence, iConnect ensures that professional judgment remains integral. It comprehensively records observations, assessments, and updates, serving as a valuable reference for practitioners during inspections or when reviewing past interactions.

Documenting these observations in iConnect offers a comprehensive view of group progress and individual development within your cohorts. With our Big Picture report, you can track the progress and development of either an entire cohort or each child individually. This feature delivers an up-to-date overview of learning areas where progress is evident, allowing you to identify recurring or prominent patterns that can inform the development of your settings’ pedagogy.

Simplifying EYFS assessments

We understand the challenges faced by childcare providers in meeting EYFS assessment requirements, from the 2-year progress check to reception baseline assessments and the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP). Our software streamlines the assessment process, ensuring compliance with EYFS guidelines while minimising time-consuming administrative tasks.

Ready to Simplify Your Assessments?

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Find out why practitioners love iConnect

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