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F is for Future – The ABC of Early Years Education

The early years sector has always been vitally important – with the pandemic highlighting to many people outside the industry just how crucial it is for children and their families. But we need to keep the momentum of this message going.

Many people still have the perception that children go to nursery and ‘just play’, but that isn’t the case. More progress needs to be made, in this respect.

It needs to be recognised, appreciated, and further supported by policymakers, the Government, and society as a whole, in order to create a bright future for the sector.

Unfortunately, early years is too often seen as a ‘second best’ within education – it’s rarely regarded as a priority by decision-makers, and it doesn’t receive the resources it deserves.

Our non-political campaign, ‘the first five years count’, is about celebrating all that the sector does and having the importance of nurseries and childcare settings recognised – by everyone in society.

It also aims to help address the recruitment and retention crisis the sector is experiencing. As, ultimately, the more people we can encourage to join the sector, the stronger our voice will be.

We know that the early years is crucial for child development and the work educators carry out lasts a lifetime – impacting the futures of the children in their care. 

We help children to grow into responsible citizens, and we want to spread this message far and wide.

Ultimately, ministers come and go, but the sector is resilient and consistent – giving continuity and support to children.

We’ve been there, we are here, and we will be there, but we need to work together to get the recognition we deserve.

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Purnima Tanuku is the CEO of NDNA.