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Father’s Day Crafts

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, we wanted to share our top 5 crafty gifts with you!

5. Guess Whoooo Loves You

Who loves you owl father's day craft card from connect childcare nursery management software

We love this owl card from iheartcraftythings! The owl’s wings open up and Dad is greeted with a photo of his little darling.

You will need; coloured paper, paper fasteners, pens and a photo of each child.

4. I ❤ Daddy Poster

This colourful poster will look gorgeous on Daddy’s desk! You can see how to create this little masterpiece at Solis Plus One.

You will need; card, masking tape and lots of coloured crayons.

3. A Plate For Daddy

We love this little dish for Dad to keep his bits and bobs in! See What Katy Said for instructions.

You will need; clay, pencil and paint.

2. Shrinky Keyring

These key rings from Messy Little Monster are a great way for Dad to keep his child’s first drawing.

You will need; shrinking plastic, pens, an oven or hairdryer and keyrings.

1. To a Roarsome Daddy

This roarsome card from craftymorning.com is so cute! It’s been a big hit in the office since we spotted it.

You will need; card, paint and googly eyes!

For more craft ideas, be sure to check out pinterest.com/ConnectCC!

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