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Free Webinar: Building a Strong Culture and Curriculum in Your Nursery

As September approaches, we understand that nursery managers and leaders are preparing for the new academic year. With diverse challenges, from navigating the upcoming election and new funding to managing room transitions. With so much on your plate, it’s essential to know where to start when implementing improvements for the new term. That’s why we are excited to announce our upcoming webinar designed to help you focus on what’s truly important.

Why culture and curriculum matter

Building a strong culture and curriculum is crucial and what better time to implement changes than at the start of the new term ahead? In our upcoming webinar, our early years experts and experienced hosts, Alison Featherbe and Jamie Victoria, will guide you through setting clear objectives for the upcoming term. They will explore critical topics such as:

  • The culture of your Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) provision.
  • How leaders can shape and guide this culture.
  • Effective leadership and management strategies.
  • Mastering your curriculum and aligning it with EYFS guidance.
  • Understanding and implementing overarching EYFS principles.

Investing in a positive culture leads to better outcomes for everyone involved. From children’s development and staff wellbeing to recruitment, retention, and parental engagement, the culture of your setting plays a pivotal role. Leaders and managers, it’s time to set the tone for your EYFS provision!

What to expect from the webinar

Our webinar will provide you with essential tips and strategies just in time for the new academic year. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

Understanding your nursery’s culture

Whether you believe your provision has a defined culture or not, it’s there. Without active guidance, it will develop on its own. Learn how to take control and shape a culture that aligns with your vision and best practices.

Enhancing your early years curriculum

Feeling uncertain about your early years curriculum? You’re not alone. In our webinar, Jamie and Alison will provide clear, actionable guidance to help you bridge the crucial connection between leadership, management, and curriculum effectiveness, all while adhering to EYFS guidance.

This webinar will help you master your early years curriculum by:

Defining ‘curriculum’: allowing you to gain a clear understanding of what constitutes your curriculum and how to effectively communicate this to your team.

Ensuring team understanding: learn strategies to ensure that every team member comprehends and embraces the curriculum, fostering a cohesive approach to early education.

Aligning vision and values: Discover how to align your curriculum goals with your setting’s vision and values, ensuring consistency and a shared sense of purpose across your team.

Leadership and management

Effective leadership and management are at the heart of a successful nursery. Discover how to lead, mentor, coach, and role model to positively influence the culture of your provision.

Aligning with EYFS principles

The EYFS principles are non-negotiable values that should underpin your practice. Our webinar will cover how to integrate these principles seamlessly into your daily operations and ensure your culture remains aligned with them.

Why you should attend

Investing time in building a strong culture is vital. It directly impacts:

Children’s development: a nurturing culture promotes better developmental outcomes for children.

Staff wellbeing: a positive work environment improves staff morale and retention.

Parental engagement: a strong, transparent culture enhances trust and involvement from parents.

Recruitment and retention: A great culture makes your setting more attractive to potential staff members.

Set the tone for success

Join us for this insightful webinar and equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to create a strong culture and curriculum in your nursery. Regularly revisiting your vision, policies, practices, and the overarching principles of the EYFS keeps your culture aligned with best practices.

Don’t miss this opportunity to start the new academic year on the right foot. Click here to register for the webinar and take the first step towards a stronger, more effective EYFS provision.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Join Alison Featherbe and Jamie Victoria as they provide insights and strategies for building a strong early-years culture and curriculum.
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