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Free Webinar- Managing the 2024 Nursery Funding Expansion

As we approach the government’s expanded offer for two-year-olds, nursery providers find themselves at a crucial point. The looming uncertainty surrounding nursery places has left many early years settings grappling with challenges such as meeting demand, expanding services, and navigating financial constraints.

A recent survey conducted by the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) sheds light on the concerns within the sector. Over half of private, voluntary, and independent nurseries express uncertainty about offering places for under-threes. In response to these challenges, Connect Childcare is hosting a timely webinar titled “Managing the 2024 Nursery Funding Expansion” on Tuesday, 12th of March at 7.15 pm.

The webinar aims to provide essential insights and practical solutions for nursery providers facing various challenges, including:

Meeting demand: with early years settings struggling to accommodate the increasing demand for two-year-old places, the webinar will address strategies to effectively manage capacity and resources.

Expansion considerations: for nurseries undecided about expanding their offer, expert panellists will guide you on assessing feasibility and mitigating risks associated with expansion.

Financial constraints: Issues such as underfunding, recruitment, and space limitations will be discussed, offering practical approaches to navigating financial challenges.

Connect Childcare has assembled a panel of esteemed experts to lead the discussion:

Courteney Donaldson is the Managing Director of Childcare & Education Sectors at Christie & Co, and boasts an extensive background in childcare and education. Specialising in the nursery sector since 1999, she offers invaluable advice to operators, banks, and investors, playing a pivotal role in major transactions since 2006. Her expertise spans from single settings to national nursery groups, providing a deep understanding of market trends and demands. Courteney also advises on various child-centric ventures, from special educational needs schools to foster care businesses. A Co-opted Trustee for the NDNA, Courteney’s influence extends nationally, often sharing insights at esteemed conferences and seminars.

Andrew Clifford is a Freelance Specialist Consultant for Red Dog Early Years Services, which is devoted to early childhood and life-long learning. With a wealth of experience in M&A, new site development, and team expansion in regulated settings both in the UK and abroad, he specialises in Operational Management, Leadership, Teaching, and Consultancy. Passionate about enhancing people’s development and well-being, he excels in improving performance for early years professionals and organisations. Andrew has proven his strategic prowess across multi-site organisations, including PE-backed, private family-owned, and community-based entities, with a talent for fostering a positive atmosphere while addressing the needs of individuals, teams, and organisation.

June O’Sullivan is the Chief Executive of LEYF, the UK’s largest childcare social enterprise, overseeing 37 nurseries across London. A dedicated advocate for children and families, she shapes policy, advises governments, and champions community-based education. With an MBE and numerous awards, June’s tireless work ensures a brighter future for all.

The webinar will explore pressing topics, including the current sector landscape, challenges with underfunding, recruitment and retention crises, and the adequacy of government funding to support expansion. Attendees can expect to gain insights into managing rising costs, addressing wage pressures, prioritizing staff training and development, and developing strategies to navigate future funding uncertainties.

To participate in this insightful discussion and gain valuable insights into managing the 2024 Nursery Funding Expansion, register for the webinar at our webinar registration page.

Don’t miss this opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of nursery provision in 2024 and beyond. Join us on Tuesday, 12th of March at 7.15 pm to be part of this crucial conversation.

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