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How accurate are your parent’s bills?

For Nurseries and Childcare Providers raising bills can be a complicated process. Taking into account changes in bookings, charging for extras, rooms movements and different government funding schemes can be very time consuming. Often changes are difficult to track and bills aren’t always accurate.

Parents are often confused about the bills which leads to administrators spending even more time explaining and justifying their bills, instead of reconciling payments.

Connect Childcare’s established Nursery Management Software can help to simplify the whole billing process. For the past 14 years it has helped Nurseries and Childcare Providers to take control and create accurate bills with ease.

Keeping your bookings, registers and bills in one database allows you to automatically account for any changes or anomalies, and the unrivalled Grants Module allows for bulk grant allocation, making sure your bills are always accurate.

Invoicing has been improved because of how easy it is to calculate grant payments for each child in our care using the grants module. In just a couple of clicks, we can accurately allocate grants to individual children, ensuring their monthly invoices are right first time, every time.”

Paul Barrett – Bellissima

Let Connect Childcare take the complication out of your bill runs.

Take a look at a free demo and find out exactly how Connect Childcare can help your setting.

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