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How Connect Childcare Can Simplify Your Billing Processes


Managing your nursery billing should be easy.

Do you find at the end of the term you experience headaches regarding your headcount data?

As a nursery owner or manager, we know that you spend a lot of your time and resources calculating bills. This can be a complex process, with different payment types such as Tax Free Childcare, childcare vouchers, and government grant funding to contend with. As such, the billing process for a nursery manager can often take up to 6 hours to complete every month. 

Over the span of a year this equates to 3 full days of admin work!

In this article we share how Connect Childcare can simplify your billing processes and reduce your admin time by up to 80%. 

Bulk Allocation of Funding

One of the most difficult tasks when it comes to billing and invoicing is allocating grant funding to every child who is eligible. For Connect Childcare users, grant funding is automatically allocated to eligible children saving hours of time on tricky calculations and ensuring your invoices are always accurate. With the ability to invoice your entire site and calculate your entire monthly bill run in just a matter of minutes; it gives you more time with the children at your setting. 

Improve Parent Relationships

As a nursery manager it is always important to maintain strong relationships with the parents at your setting. Are parents constantly asking you for how many hours they’ve had or how many hours they have left of funding? 

Parents can become confused about their bills when there are different payment types and hours to consider, meaning administrators spend even more time explaining and justifying their bills, rather than reconciling payments.

This will ultimately cost administrators a lot of time, and it can also put a strain on parent relationships if tensions arise over monthly bills. 

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Connect Childcare will not only save you time and resources, but it can improve your relationship with the parents at your setting by sharing information with them instantly on the ParentZone app. 

No longer parents need to constantly ask for updates on how many hours of funding they have left for their child – because all of this information is tracked within our software system providing you with a seamless billing process. 

Automate Your Billing Process

Connect Childcare’s established Nursery Management Software can help to simplify the whole billing process. For the past 14 years it has helped Nurseries and Childcare Providers to take control and create accurate bills with ease.

Keeping your bookings, registers and bills in one database allows you to automatically account for any changes or anomalies, and the unrivalled Grants Module allows for bulk grant allocation, making sure your bills are always accurate. 

Reduce admin time and streamline your processes by invoicing entire sites in just minutes. Connect’s easy-to-use grants module saves hours of time on calculations and ensures your invoices are always accurate.

Find out more about Connect Childcare by booking a FREE Demo with our friendly team. Use the code ‘CC50%’ before the 31st May 2023 to get 50% off your software for the first 6 months.

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