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How long do you spend logging observations?

How long do you and your colleagues spend logging observations?

Curriculum based observations are a hugely important part of a Practitioners administration tasks. But they can be time consuming and tedious. Staff often need to take time out of the rooms to complete observations and learning journeys and can duplicate the same information multiple times when recording group activities.

How long do your staff spend logging observations? Couldn’t this time be better spent with the children?

If you record just one observation each week, each observation takes 15 minutes to compete and there are 40 children in the nursery. Your Practitioners are spending:

2 hours a day.

10 hours a week

45 hours a month

That’s 22.5 days every single year – spent just on observations alone.

With iConnect you can cut this time to just 5 mins per observation. Equating to a huge saving of 15 days a year.

This saving can be even greater when recording group observations as the information only needs to be entered once and it is saved to each child’s profile.

All of this saved time can be spent focussing on the children, providing high quality childcare and the very best educational experiences.

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