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How long do you spend raising nursery bills for parents?

How long do you and your colleagues spend on raising nursery bills for parents?

Nursery billing can be complex, with different streams of government funding to decipher as well as a whole host of different payment types including Tax Free Childcare and childcare vouchers. On top of this children often change bookings and incur extra costs.

All of these complications make billing a long process.

If every monthly bill run takes you 6 hours to complete. Your Administrators are spending:

6 hours a month or 3 full days a year.

Connect Childcare cuts this time dramatically. Bulk grant allocation and the ability to invoice entire sites in just minutes means that you can complete your monthly bill run in just 30 minutes.

That’s a saving of 66 hours or 2.75 days a year!

All of this saved time can be spent focussing on other areas of nursery management to make a real difference to the quality of your setting.

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