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How safe is your data this Christmas?

Previous data breach scandals have proven that companies are more susceptible to hacking over the christmas and new year period. With IT staff off on annual leave, companies are more vulnerable than ever and hackers make the most of the vulnerability and increase their efforts.

Here at Connect Childcare we are committed to protecting your data, and this doesn’t stop over the Christmas Period.

So how do we ensure your data is protected?

  • Penetration Testing

We regularly undergo penetration testing and ethical hacking from experienced third parties. This means our security processes are tested by trusted individuals who attempt to hack our software products. Any weaknesses that are highlighted are actioned immediately

  • Threat Intelligence Tool

We execute weekly industry standard vulnerability scans against all our estate to produce a prioritised list of any critical issues and we ensure any risks are removed immediately.  

  • Physical Security

Our offices are located in a secure building, behind locked doors and surveilled by CCTV. Our 3rd party data centres have been specifically chosen for their robust access control and protection from environmental hazards. You can find out more information on them here:



  • Encryption

iConnect and ParentZone are protected by above industry standard HTTPS connections using the same security certificate technology used by internet banking. When data is being transferred to or from ParentZone and iConnect it is protected by the latest cryptography methods, so your children’s photos/data are always safe.

  • Security Incident Management

We have a dedicated team that are trained for responding to security incidents. All incidents are logged, and reported on with summaries provided to senior management to act upon.

  • Data Recovery Capability

Our disaster recovery plan covers every aspect of our IT infrastructure. If a significant event, such as a cyber-attack or a natural disaster were to take place, Connect Childcare can recover our entire technical environment, including all hosted client data within a matter of hours. Previous tests have proved that we can access all systems, network connections and client databases remotely in just 4 hours.

You can rest assured that your nursery’s data is safe with Connect Childcare this christmas.

Have a wonderful and relaxing break

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