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How to stay connected with parents, when the world is a little disconnected

Maintain a strong online presence

It’s no secret that the UK’s lockdown period is proving challenging for nurseries, childminders and parents alike. But really, the key is to ‘keep talking’.

Now is usually the time when nurseries are witnessing a flurry of enquiries from parents for September starters – organising show-arounds and answering lots of questions – but the current situation may be having an impact on this normally busy period. And that’s ok.

But what can nursery practitioners do to keep communication with existing and prospective parents flowing?

In truth, maintaining a strong online presence is a crucial piece of this puzzle.
So, we’ve created a five-step marketing toolkit to help you boost your digital presence, as well as keep in contact with parents – ensuring you’re at the forefront of their minds when they start thinking about choosing their child’s nursery.

Utilise your ParentZone app

For ParentZone users, we’ve added some more activities and resources within ParentHub which include some useful apps, links and games which will help children to learn relaxing and calming techniques.

We’ve even updated your self-service toolkit with some downloadable social posts for you to share on your platforms to encourage parental communication.

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