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How using nursery management software can help attract and retain EYFS dream teams

It’s no secret that nurseries sometimes find it hard to recruit and retain talented and committed staff. In today’s competitive employment market, owners and managers must often use any advantage they can to attract and hold onto their dream team.

A great, positive working environment, some flexibility on conditions, and opportunities to progress are all important — but so are the systems a setting relies upon, for its admin and communications.

Have you thought about your management software as a major plus point for would-be employees? We’re guessing it’s there in the background — but your in-house recruiters don’t see it as a headline benefit.

The truth is, those who are used to the convenience of easy-access electronic interfaces at other workplaces might baulk at the idea of an employer with a less sophisticated system. 

And newcomers to the sector, fresh from education, will expect no less than a fully-integrated system as experienced in college or university, and for all manner of day-to-day life admin.

So, your nursery management software is as important as the look and feel of your premises and the warm welcome afforded by any interview panel. 

Here is a summary of the ways that the right software will help persuade a new starter to join your team.

Everyone saves time

Sometimes nursery managers worry that their staff won’t want to get to grips with more use of apps and online admin. This can be true — but in our increasingly digital world, the opposite is more likely. 

Most of us run our lives through our phones and tablets in 2023, and a nursery that relies on box files, ledgers and whiteboards could seem — dare we say it — very old-fashioned to a potential new recruit, who knows that shared, electronic resources, accessible 24/7, will make their working life much easier.

Saving time on admin allows nursery practitioners to spend more of their time on the nursery floor, doing what they do best.

It is very convenient

Whether it’s simply checking rotas for the week ahead on a Sunday evening, or editing important documents charting a child’s progress, online access is far more convenient than adding things to a book or indeed updating files that not everyone can see and contribute to.

While nursery management software providers like Connect appreciate there’s some short-term pain involved in getting everyone up to speed and familiar with a new system, teams certainly reap the benefits soon after that initial hump.

Parent partnerships are easier to establish and develop

There’s nothing nicer than a face to face chat – but relying primarily on verbal, one to one communication has its downsides. Misheard or misinterpreted instructions, or messages not passed on in the day-to-day bustle of nursery life, can lead to frustration.

A regular ping of a messaging app, by comparison, can provide great reassurance and personal connection, especially when accompanied by timely photos and video clips of great moments in their child’s daycare adventures. This easy to and fro with families is certainly more attractive to new recruits than stuffing printed letters into children’s bags.

Paperwork is a thing of the past

We’ve touched on this already,  but essential documents are much less easy to lose when they are stored on a central server, and are searchable to users.  

There is also the environmental aspect of saving paper – and everyone likes their employer to be serious about sustainability. We’ve said it before but at Connect we believe that paper is precious, and should be saved for drawing, painting and craft, rather than spreadsheets and contracts!

We hope this blog has given you food for thought about your nursery management software as a recruitment and retention tool.

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