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Improving partnership with parents through technology.

Are you using technology in your day to day processes?

Many childcare providers have taken the plunge and adopted technology into their settings to help them manage the burden of administration. But some have taken it one step further and are using technology to build better partnerships with their parents.

In this day and age, most parents are tech savvy. They are used to the instant accessibility their smartphones bring and expect to find the information they want then and there. But they are still waiting until pick up time to find out what the most important information of all, what their little ones have been up to!

ParentZone, the award winning app from Connect Childcare is helping hundreds of thousands of parents keep up to date with their child’s activities and development, in an instant, through their phones. Even if parents are away from home they can get regular photo and video updates of the brilliant work you’re doing with their little ones. Jet-setting parents logged into ParentZone from 158 different countries in 2017 alone.

By utilising technology you can overcome issues that have always proved to be challenge. Parents can view their bills on their phones and even pay instantly with their card, increasing cashflow and reducing your need for credit control. Craig Jackson, Owner of Portico Nursery Group has seen huge benefits from the parent payment feature;

Payments through parentzone has had a significant impact throughout our sites.

“Payments through ParentZone have had a significant impact throughout all our sites. Previously, we’ve spent time chasing parents for unpaid invoices, and processing all of the different payment types took up around a morning each day for one member of staff, but since upgrading to the ParentZone method we have cut this to one day a week, a huge time saving for us. We have received payments at 11pm, 4am in the morning, and even on Christmas Day, all times when previously this wouldn’t have been possible.”

Not only that, but parents can provide you with all important evidence of partnership by uploading photos from home to contribute to their child’s learning journey. Last year there were 395,000 uploads from parents, showing that learning was continuing at home.

It’s not just the parents that stand to benefit from the use of ParentZone, Angela Mehegan, Owner of Cheeky Monkees Day Nurseries told us;

Parentzone is a real USP for us

ParentZone is a real USP for us. There aren’t many nurseries in our area offering anything like this so we always make a point of demonstrating ParentZone on show arounds. It helps us to attract even more parents into our setting and gives them an idea of the brilliant service they get from us.”

ParentZone is already used by thousands of nurseries and hundreds of thousands of parents.

Find out about the amazing features you can offer your parents by booking a demo with our friendly team today.

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