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Introduce ParentZone using Facebook Live

Facebook Live videos are a fantastic way to introduce ParentZone to your parents.

They are free
You can connect directly with multiple parents at once
The video is available to catch up on later for anyone that’s missed it
You can answer parent questions publicly, so won’t need to respond to the same questions again and again.

We’ve pulled this guide together to help you script your video and give you the information you need to answer parent questions.

How to start a Facebook Live Video:

Broadcasting a Facebook Live Video is easy.
Just log into your Facebook account, and select ‘Live Video’ from the top of the status bar.

What to think about before you start:

Who is best placed to star in the video?

You need someone that understands iConnect and ParentZone and is a confident speaker. It is a good idea to get someone that is familiar to the parents if possible.

What will be in the background?

The speaker will be the main focus of your video. Think about where they can sit so that the background isn’t distracting.

How to promote the video:

Your video will stay on your timeline so anyone that missed it can catch up. Parents can share it with their friends that they know will be interested and you can also embed the finished video on your website.

But it’s important to have parents watching live so that you can answer their questions, so you’ll need to make parents aware that it is happening.

Pick a date 1 – 2 weeks in advance.
Set a time slot where your parents are likely to be available.
(Our followers are most active between 7 and 9pm. If you have a Facebook business page, you can click on ‘Insights’, then select ‘Posts’ from the left-hand menu and you will see a graph of your followers’ activity at different times)

Drum up as much interest as possible by informing your parents of the date and time, through letters in their daily diaries, in face to face meetings and via email and Facebook.

Video Content

We’ve pulled together some information to help you create a script.
The content follows this structure:

Introducing the benefits of iConnect and ParentZone (and the relationship between the two)
Walkthrough of ParentZone
How to get access

It has been created in Word so that you can add and edit it as you please.

Download it here

For inspiration, you can watch the Facebook Live Video recorded by the Cooperative Childcare here.

Please make sure you get in touch if there is anything else we can provide to help you with your video.
Email marketing@connectchildcare.com


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