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Introducing ParentZone 3.10 – Never Miss a Moment”

ParentZone 3.10

We are delighted to announce the latest update to ParentZone!

Parents will never miss a moment again!

Notifications will be shown clearly within the app and parents will have complete control over which notifications they would like to see. 

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ParentZone App Notifications
Say hello to in-app Notifications

Parents will receive in-app notifications for any of the following:

  • Published posts
  • Approved or declined bookings
  • New message or new replies
  • Confirmed drop off/pick up

Clicking on the notification will take them straight to the event, so they won’t get lost in the timeline.

Control your own Notifications

Parents can configure their settings for their email, in-app or push notifications by heading to notification settings.

Here you can toggle the on/off button for each event to suit your preference.

Choose between email, in-app or push notifications so you never miss a moment again.

ParentZone notifications
BBC Bitesize in ParentZone
Catch up on the latest from BBC Bitesize

Head to ParentHub to find brand new articles from BBC Bitesize! Find tips on:

  • Starting primary school without any transition 
  • How to deal with anxieties around Covid-19
  • How to encourage your child to take care at school

& Coming soon to ParentZone...

EYFS Home and Safe Sleep Space
Brand new resources coming to ParentHub


EYFS Home create amazing activities for parents of children aged 3 – 5 that link to different areas of the EYFS. Their new Autumn Club series will be available in ParentHub very soon. Autumn Club has fantastic activities based on Harvest, Hibernation & the Night Sky as well as lots of other seasonal themes.


Safe Sleep Space

Safe Sleep Space are an early parenting consultancy group, specialising in sleep and settling of newborns, infants and toddlers.

Their new articles include advice for parents on everything from bottle feeding to co-sleeping. 

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