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Is Nursery Management Software worth the investment?

In today’s climate, Nurseries and Childcare Providers need to focus on lowering risk and maximising profits, so that they can remain sustainable or grow and expand.

 Shouldn’t that same line of thought be applied when your nursery is choosing nursery management software?

If you are considering investing in Nursery Management Software, one of the most important factors you should consider is the level of profitability that the tool can offer.

It can be difficult to measure this, so we will guide you through it and show you that it is possible to get an idea of the Return on Investment (ROI) that a software solution can provide.


What is return on investment?

How to calculate ROI for a Nursery Management System

Decision making exercises

Calculating ROI eBook

This eBook uses averages to create example Return on Investment calculations. 

If you want an accurate figure of time and cost that is specific to your Nursery Setting:

We’ll complete an ROI Calculator with accurate costs for your business and show you a comparison of costs over 3 years. 

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