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Is your data secure?

We know that safeguarding your children is one of your nursery’s top priorities.

Here at Connect Childcare, we make safety and security our top priority too.

So regardless of what software you use, we’ve put together some tips to help you stay safe and secure.

Try these 2 simple steps to quickly increase your security.

Update your operating system.

The NHS were vulnerable to attack because they were using old windows systems. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you by updating your windows system.

Change your passwords

Only 44% of people regularly change their password, and 65% of us use the same password for different applications. It’s a simple step, but having a unique password and changing it regularly can really increase your data security.

Do you know what steps your software provider is taking to make sure your child’s data is safe and secure?

To help you know what to ask, we’ve suggested 4 quick questions that any secure software supplier should be able to answer:

1. Are they ISO certified? 

Your software provider should be ISO certified. An ISO certification means that they comply to set processes and ensure quality, safety and efficiency.

2. Where is your data stored?

Where your data is stored had a huge impact on it’s safety. It should be stored off site within adata centre. Your software provider should be able to give you details of how the data centre protects their servers and who has access to them.

3. How is your software backed up?

It is imperative that your data is backed up regularly. This means that if anything should happen to your hardware then you will not lose any valuable data.

4. Have they planned for every outcome?

Software providers should have disaster recovery plans in place that cover all of their IT systems. So if a cyber-attack, or even a natural disaster took place, they could ensure that your data could be protected and restored quickly even if their business premises were not accessible.

Here at Connect Childcare, we understand the need for security in nurseries and we go to extra lengths to provide peace of mind to our users.

We heavily invest in security to ensure that our data and infrastructure are never under threat of attack. Our dedicated security team work endlessly to highlight areas of vulnerability and build defences.

We go above and beyond industry standards to ensure that their systems are safe.

Find out more here.

or call us on 01282 507 945 to ask any questions.

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