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K is for Knowledge Sharing – The ABC of Early Years Education

Knowledge sharing within the early years sector is incredibly important – it supports collaboration, which fosters positive outcomes for children.


The support children receive within the early years is a key influencer regarding their future education experiences and their adult life as a whole – not solely in an academic context but in relation to wellbeing and emotions, too.

Early years professionals are the bedrock of children’s learning and development and being united is vital – this ensures we all work towards a common goal and deliver the best possible childcare.

Publications like Nursery World aim to enable and activate this collaboration – celebrating and representing the diversity within the sector by providing a platform through which to share knowledge on best practice and provision.

From childminders and independent settings to nursery chains, it’s about giving sector specialists and providers across the early years landscape – and the staff within these settings – a place to learn, feel supported, and listened to.

Whether it be through key news on policy, thought leadership articles, surveys, reports, advice-led guides, or events, it’s important for early years staff to keep up to date on what’s happening within the sector. Not only will this aid them professionally, but it’ll bolster their personal development too.

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Karen Faux is the Editor of Nursery World.