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Managing & Recording Outdoor Play

We know from our own memories that children LOVE the freedom of outdoor play and we know from our experience as childcare professionals that this can lead to some brilliant social development and learning experiences.

Outdoor play is not just about physical development, it is SO important for other areas of learning too. When children are given the freedom and space to physically move they begin developing more than just their muscles. Many of our neurological systems need movement in order to develop.

  • Our vision is completely dependant on movement
  • Our vestibular system (balance and control) needs to be tested by getting active
  • Proprioception, or sense of self, is also greatly impacted by physical activity and outdoor play
  • Physical play is not just fun, it actually boosts your ability to learn.

But, as Practitioners, we need to carefully manage and record child learning whilst outdoors.

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Outdoor play is vital for child development

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