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Nursery Practitioners beat the January Blues

January is often known as the gloomiest month of the year. The days are dark and cold, the festivities are over and we’re all back at work.

A recent survey from the Early Years Alliance reported that the Childcare Sector is particularly struggling when it comes to staff wellbeing and rising stress levels.

Pressures on Early Years Staff are increasing, but if you identify and address the issues you can ensure that your teams love their jobs once more!

We’ve teamed up with Linda Baston Pitt from PurpleBee Learning, who is passionate about Health & Wellbeing, to bring you two new eBooks.

If you’re worried about the wellbeing of your staff, or are a nursery practitioner feeling the pressure of an increasing workload, these eBooks will give you ideas and resources to improve wellbeing in your setting.


Staff Wellbeing for
Nursery Managers

Get ideas and resources to improve the wellbeing of your Early Years team.

Wellbeing for Nursery Practitioners

Get ideas and resources to improve your wellbeing as a Nursery Practitioner.

Find out more about PurpleBee Learning and how they can help you to improve wellbeing across your Early Years setting

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