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Observation, assessment and planning with iConnect

Observation, assessment and planning with iConnect

Here at Connect, we understand the need for early years practitioners to be able to communicate effortlessly with parents while also ensuring their setting remains safe and compliant.

Built in collaborations with early years experts, our online learning journal tool and powerful app, iConnect, helps to shine a spotlight on child development and improve parent partnerships. Here, we uncover how you can use iConnect for observation, assessment and planning to benefit your childcare setting. 

Shine a spotlight on child development

Not only does iConnect allow you to communicate with parents at the click of a button, but it also enables practitioners to record observations — including snapshots of ‘wow’ moments in a photo and video format — all of which link back to a range of trustworthy early years frameworks and guidance.

The learning journals module within the iConnect app enables a range of different practitioners within your setting to contribute to children’s daily activity logs, including adding notes to observations made by parents outside of nursery hours.

As well as enhancing the way your staff note down key observations, iConnect can help practitioners to develop more proactive and fruitful partnerships with parents through direct messaging, ensuring their child’s key learning and behaviour can be shared in the moment.

Informed assessments

With iConnect, you no longer have to work your way through physical files of written observations to complete assessments. Instead, you can see every aspect of a child’s learning through the app, helping your practitioners to make informed assessments without the need to write them down.

Cohort trackers and child progress and assessment reports are also features that will save you time while providing reliable and accurate information to help you make informed decisions. With your setting’s records stored away safe and securely, iConnect’s enhanced accessibility means you can view important documents straight from the tablets in your rooms — easing the burden of paperwork and ensuring no additional stress of finding essential files before your next visit from Ofsted. 

See the bigger picture

With iConnect, you can plan for your children’s next steps and enhanced provision using available resources, ensuring you remain one step ahead. With the development reports module, you can get a complete and up-to-date overview of the areas of learning where progress is being made, and spot patterns to help develop your pedagogy.

Avoid rushed conversations with parents at the end of the day, centralise your processes and save hours of admin time by booking a demo today.

Find out why practitioners love iConnect

See it for yourself. We’re sure you’ll love it! Request a demo and our team will show you why so many nurseries choose our software to help save time in their settings.
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