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25th November 2022

T is for Technology – The ABC of Early Years Education

In early years, nursery management software is there to support and complement the work that childminders, independent nurseries, nursery groups, and after-school clubs do. Our CEO Chris Reid discusses technology in the early years today.

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23rd November 2022

S for Sustainability – The ABC of Early Years Education

When it comes to the early years, sustainability should be embedded into every element of a setting’s environment. Cheryl Hadland explores this today.

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21st November 2022

R is for Recruitment – The ABC of Early Years Education

Staff shortages in the early years sector are well-documented. Claudio Sisera joins us today to discuss simple ways you can improve your staffing and retention in the early years.

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17th November 2022

Q is for Quality – The ABC of Early Years Education

It’s important that practitioners approach the expectations set out by the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework (EIF) as a benchmark for good practice. Jo Caswell joins us to discuss this.

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14th November 2022

P is for Play – The ABC of Early Years Education

Play is frequently referred to as ‘important’ during the early years. But the reality is way beyond that. Play is profoundly essential and, in fact, life-changing for children — forming a key building block for development and wellbeing. Ben Kingston-Hughes joins us to discuss the importance of play in the early years.

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10th November 2022

O is for Occupancy – The ABC of Early Years Education

Strong occupancy is vital for the long-term viability of a childcare setting. But while a waiting list of children is many a nursery’s dreams — getting to this point requires a concerted effort in the marketing stakes. Our Marketing Lead, Caitlin Holmes, joins us to share some tips for improving your nursery occupancy.

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10th November 2022

How to Reduce Debt With Nursery Management Software

Mounting debts are not uncommon within the sector. Therefore, it’s understandable that — in some cases — nurseries would feel the need to cut back on their spending to help remedy the issue. At an affordable monthly cost, nursery management software could be one such solution — with a host of benefits to boot. Here are four ways that Connect Childcare could help tackle debt within a nursery setting…

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8th November 2022

How Nursery Management Software Can Help You Retain Staff

Staff shortages have been a theme for some time within the childcare sector. And with the issue showing no signs of improvement, retaining the practitioners that make your setting such a wonderful place for children, is more crucial than ever. Today we explore how nursery management software can help you retain your staff.

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