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R is for Recruitment – The ABC of Early Years Education

Staff shortages in the early years sector are well-documented. And with thousands of openings available for those looking to work within the industry, attracting — and retaining — quality practitioners within a setting has become increasingly important. 

But despite the challenging recruitment market, there are several ways nurseries can enhance their attractiveness to potential employees and reap the rewards of a loyal and engaged workforce.

  • Communicate your mission, vision, and values

Sharing what makes your setting a special place to work, helps you to stand out in a crowded market. It gives potential employees an insight into the workplace culture, and an opportunity to visualise themselves as part of it. 

  • Know who your ‘perfect person’ would be

Being clear about who would make a great fit, helps to attract the most suitable candidates. Whether you’re looking for an experienced practitioner or someone earlier in their career journey, providing a precise description of your offer — and how the right person can benefit from it — helps to ensure that applicants are relevant to the job at hand.

  • See your website as a valuable recruitment tool

Ensuring that contact details, vacancies, and any notable credentials are easy to locate is important. Your website creates a first impression, and candidates can be put off by clunky processes.

  • Advertise in all the right places

There’s a vast array of recruitment tools available for those within the childcare sector — make good use of them! 

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