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Rachel from Toppers Day Nursery tells us about her experience

Toppers Day Nursery is a 48 place day nursery in Rishton, Lancashire, founded in 1997. They adopted Connect Childcare a few years ago and spoke to us about the impact that the online learning journey software, iConnect has had on their setting.

Rachel Jones, Nursery Manager said,

We wanted to explore an effective way to be more practical for staff whilst also helping improve our partnership and communication with parents. We had an online learning journal system in place but needed to something that management could use to communicate with parents more efficiently.”

Connect childcare offered all aspects of support we were looking for – management, tracking children’s learning and development and communication with parents.”

The  online learning journey software is very easy to pick up and learn how to use, and being able to adapt it within the setting to suit our nursery needs is fantastic. The support team are always on hand to help with any problems I come across and the Help Desk has fantastic support webinars that staff can use to upskill themselves” explains Rachel.

 Rachel is confident that she made the best decision for her nursery and has worked with the Connect Childcare team, sharing her ideas for future developments and improvements.

iConnect is a fantastic resource that keeps on developing to the ever changing needs of nurseries. The staff at Connect Childcare really listen to what nurseries need and are constantly developing features to make it more effective for practitioners, managers and parents. More so than any other system I am aware of on the market. My job would be a lot harder without the use of iConnect and Parentzone in our nursery.”

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Toppers Day Nursery

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