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Reduce your nurseries printing costs

Printing, cutting and sticking photos as evidence for children’s learning journeys is not only time consuming, it is also costly too.

Angela Mehegan of Cheeky Monkees told us,

We used to spend about £400 every month just on ink cartridges.”

Sound familiar?

In today’s climate, nurseries need to hold their purse strings tighter than ever. So why are so many nurseries still forking out so much on ink, paper and printing?

There is another way.

Tablet systems like iConnect can help you to dramatically reduce your monthly spend, by eliminating the need to print photos to share with your parents. The addition of ParentZone means you don’t even need to print and send invoices, decreasing your ink & postage spend and saving the planet!

Angela confirmed,

Now that all of our photos are on iConnect & ParentZone our ink lasts four times as long.”

Since introducing iConnect & ParentZone, Portico Nursery Group have seen a hugely positive change in their expenditure. Owner Craig Jackson told us,

We are operating much more efficiently, costs have been cut in a variety of areas including the amount we were spending on printing pictures of children for parents and staff and parents are now much more engaged.


iConnect will save you time and money.

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