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Safe operating procedures for Early Years Settings

Implementing solutions to come out of the lockdown.

Membership organisations of the Early Years Sector have come together to form The Covid-19 Response Group to represent several thousand members and over 70 childcare groups.
The groups aim is to proactively support the government, families and employees by producing ‘Safe Operating Procedures’ for early years settings.

The group encourages you to share the procedures with your local authority/MP in the hope of influencing government thinking as we work towards solutions for relaxing the lockdown measures.

You can download the letter template and the accompanying safe operating procedures which they have prepared here:

Safe operating procedures
Guidance for Early Years Settings - COVID-19 Site Operating Procedures

Letter template

  • We want to be part of the solution as we come out of this lockdown. We want to support schools with the transition of children by enabling them to stay at nursery for longer, we want to help employers by getting their staff back to work, and most of all ensure a smooth transition into school for all children, including the most disadvantaged who will have lost most during this lockdown.
  • We are entirely safe to open, or indeed continue caring for children as we have been doing throughout, and as a group have developed a set of robust Standard Operating Procedures to protect our families, our staff and the wider public.
  • We are not asking for anything new; the legislation and regulation is already in place to allow us to take children up until the term after their fifth birthday, so we want to help schools and society by retaining children for one or two terms at nursery.

Early Years – Covid-19 Response Group

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