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Security Monday: Password Security

Welcome to week three of our ‘Security Monday’ top tips. The topic this week is ‘Password Security’ and we have some tips from our Security Lead Jaabeer.

We suggest that you share these top tips with your staff to keep all of your data super secure.

Last week the topic of data breaches was discussed and how you can improve the security of your account with strong passwords.

However, a strong password is pointless if it isn’t adequately secured itself.

Unfortunately, we cannot control how securely our passwords are stored and transmitted from the server-side but we can and should control how we personally store them.

An effective method for doing this is by using a password manager. 

These handy applications can store all your account details within its own database so you don’t have to remember them or write them down. The databases are then encrypted and are only accessible via a master password you set yourself (so make sure it’s a strong one!).

Here are some password manager do’s & don’ts:

  • DO use a strong master password to open your password manager
  • DO keep a backup of your password manager and update regularly
  • DO continue to change your passwords as normal (if you use KeePass you can set up reminders)
  • DON’T write/disclose your master password anywhere
  • DON’T reuse your master password for any other account
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About the Author

Jaabeer works in the Information Security and Data Protection industry and is a Certified GDPR Practitioner . He has a wealth of experience working in the information technology, healthcare and energy industry as a Security Lead and Information Security Analyst.